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Bohemian Massacre

Where it all began… an afternoon in Na’ama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, 5 idiots, and a video camera…

Ticket To Dive

The second video based on the Beatles hit “Ticket to Ride” starring Al Westley, Terry Nichols and Nick Stec.

Blue BOOM!

A collaboration from all over the world! Filmed entirely by members of the Tank Bangers and edited by Tim Doughty.

Our Blue

Filmed over 10 months on location in the Egyptian Red Sea the grand finale took over 500 dives to complete.

Save Energy & The World

Save Energy & The World

Makes sense right? If you don’t need a light on… turn it off! It all helps. And it all counts.

Recycle Your Stuff

Recycle Your Stuff

There is no excuse in this day and age. Especially when it comes to plastic. RECYCLE IT!

Save Water. Save The World

Save Water. Save The World

The most precious commodity on the planet. We can not afford to waste it

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Recent News

14 Aug

Could Megalodon Still Exist ?

Could Megalodon Still Exist ? The Tank Bangers' top shark scientists have been pondering this question in light of Discovery Channels' "Documentary'" last year on Shark Week and also for…

16 May

So you want to save water ?

So you want to save water ? Of course you do! Then take a look at this handy and extremely well designed info-graphic that helps explain just how much water…

09 Apr

Sharknado 2 The Second One

Sharknado 2 The Second One That's right folks you read it right, The Asylum, the team that brought you the epic Sharknado, MegaShark vs. Giant Octopus and MegaShark vs. Crocosaurus, is…

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